Verispect was founded in 2010 with a simple mission: improve safety and quality standards with modern, more affordable inspection solutions.

The challenge wasn’t lacking regulations, but rather limited compliance ability.  For decades, companies relied on paper-based programs to fulfill inspection mandates, but data remained trapped and largely unusable.  Big business moved to automate inspection activities, but was hampered by high-cost hardware and excessive maintenance fees.  In all cases, successful compliance was entirely dependent on the simplicity, mobility and frequency of its underlying inspections.

These realities focused Verispect founders on smart-phone technology and cloud-based computing to build their solution.  The smart-phone simultaneously freed and simplified the inspection process &emdash; replacing the paper form with a touch-screen that could operate anywhere.  Cloud computing dispatched the initial investment and endless maintenance that would otherwise limit affordability.

Beyond data collection, Verispect also moved to modernize the way inspections are managed, monitored and reported.  The result is the company’s integrated solution platform &emdash; online, subscription-based resources that have revolutionized the compliance community.