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In this first issue, we’ll start with a quick overview of recurring monthly features.

‘SOLUTION FACTORY’ introduces new inspection routines created by Verispect compliance experts.  We’re constantly developing new, ready-to-run solutions and here’s where to learn about them.

‘OUTSIDE THE CHECKBOX’ highlights new and unusual applications built on the Verispect Solution Platform.  Beyond inspections, it’s amazing what folks dream up with Verispect’s real-time, mobile data collection and reporting resources.

‘ON CLOSER INSPECTION’ examines the trends and tidal waves impacting the inspection and compliance community.  From new regulations to emerging technology, we’ll give you Verispect’s unique perspective.

‘SEASON PASS’ runs down the upcoming trade conventions and industry events we’ll be attending. It’s a quick calendar to catch us on the road.

‘SNAPSHOT’ captures a customer’s compliance challenge and Verispect solution with essential business metrics.   In the final analysis, it’s all about the numbers.


New Verispect Transactional Chain-of-Custody System Tracks and Traces Inspection Data Up and Down the Supply Chain

Designed to support compliance with the 2011 US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the solution links inbound suppliers, subject processors and outbound customers in a continuous chain of custody. Deployed across the supply chain, Verispect mobile inspection routines collect all applicable safety including field test results, lot quality, equipment sanitation, batch composition, transportation manifesting and more.

Data is automatically recorded in a secure, cloud-based, write-once/read-many database then organized to provide visibility on a tiered, need-to-know basis.  At the top, customers may only trace the source of items in their receipt. 

In the middle, subject processors may trace the entirety of inbound and outbound material.   At the bottom, suppliers may only trace the immediate destination of outbound goods.    These same rules govern access to inspection exception reports automatically generated by the Verispect solution. Reports and corresponding, high-priority alerts are output in multiple formats, including CSV, PDF and secure email.

Beyond FSMA and FDA requirements, the Verispect solution also supports compliance with Safe Quality Food (SQF) protocols and HACCP standards.  Unlike alternative approaches that require universal adoption throughout the supply chain, Verispect’sTransactional Chain-of-Custody system may be deployed point-to-point within a network of suppliers and customers.   Comprehensive inspection coverage, selective provisioning and incremental subscription pricing combine to offer food processors unprecedented value.

For a demonstration and solution detail, please contact Verispect at 508.450-1769


How One Beverage Maker Extends the Verispect Solution Platform to Manage Equipment Downtime

People inspect and check equipment and processes for many reasons &emdash; compliance with agencies like OSHA, DOT, and FDA, and adherence to industry standards such as ISO, SQF and BRC.  Internal quality standards also drive inspection activity.   While Verispect solutions were designed for exactly these application types, the platform provides the flexibility to handle virtually any data collection-driven task.

This observation was made during the Smart Inspection™ configuration process by one Verispect customer &emdash; a $6.9 billion, vertically-integrated  C-Store chain with a massive beverage and dairy operation.

Realizing the ubiquity of Verispect Inspector™-powered smartphones and the ability to rapidly create new routines with Verispect Composer™, the beverage unit engaged Verispect professional services to automate downtime management processes.  In this case, continuous equipment operation is critical to meet the daily production demands of its 600+ convenience stores.  Moreover, the company provides contract bottling services to variety of third party brands.  If a processing line shuts down too long, the potential for delays and lost revenue begin to mount.

The goal then was simple, devise a data-driven solution that immediately identifies the causality and  provides corrective measures for each downtime incident.  For Verispect this meant provisioning essential stakeholders &emdash; equipment operators, supervisors, internal suppliers and dependent operations &emdash; in a network designed to support real-time reporting and immediate decision-making.   It also meant leveraging Verispect’s Smart Inspection Object™ technology to instantly alert affected stakeholders and cue reactive collection routines based on field-level responses.   For example, if a line runs short of a particular raw material, the staging yard and driver know to cue the replenishment.

The cloud-based solution now works to streamline response and dramatically reduce equipment downtime. To discuss your own data collection-driven business challenge and potential solutions, contact Verispect professional services at 949.682.7177.


Leavitt Partners’ David Acheson Knows the Keys to Success for 3rd Party Food Inspection

Continued growth and increasing globalization of the food supply chain means new challenges for US companies.  With peanuts from Indonesia and lobster from Nigeria, how to ensure quality and compliance with FSMA traceability rules?  One approach is third-party auditing firms, spread far and wide across the globe to perform inspections.  But how to ensure the scope and accuracy of these independent contractors?

David Acheson, former FDA official and current head of Leavitt Partners’ Food and Import Safety Practice provides unique insight in his 11/24/2012 blog, Third-Party Audits &emdash; Their Crucial Role in Moving Forward With FSMA and Food Safety:

“As we consider some of the pressure points in the third-party audit system, one of the vulnerabilities that I think is important is the recognition that the audit is always a “snap shot in time” exercise. This then raises the question &emdash; whether you are the recipient of a third-party audit or the person who doing that audit: Why is the audit being undertaken? Is it to protect your brand, so you really want the auditor to find the gaps in your system? Or is it to safeguard against the likelihood of litigation or share that risk with someone else if something goes wrong? Or, is it simply to generate the required certificate to allow you to sell your products? It may even be some combination of the above, but in my view the way to both receive and execute an audit is the first one &emdash; you really want to find out where the holes are in your system and fix them. Then when you get your certificate, don’t relax! Keep up the pressure, fix the problems, look for continuous improvement, and make that “snap shot” assessment into a “movie” of continuous improvement. As we consider third-party audits, there are two words that signify success to me: that is, having a system that is trustworthy and rigorous. That is what will make it a success for the regulators and the private sector.”

Read more at: http://leavittpartnersblog.com/2012/11/third-party-audits-crucial-role-in-moving-forward-with-fsma-and-food-safety/


Catch Us on the Road at these Upcoming Industry Events

Tuesday, January 29 through Thursday January 31
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

The International Meat Expo (IME), sponsored by the American Meat Institute, is the premier US tradeshow featuring the latest in equipment and supplies for processing and packaging red meat products.

Tuesday, January 29 through Thursday January 31
Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, GA

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Keeping Things Crispy at a $1.6 Billion Snack Food Maker

When your premium potato chip brand relies on the highest quality spuds, you can’t leave anything to chance.  Which is why one large, multi-brand snack food maker chose Verispect to ensure the safety and quality of inbound potato shipments.

What was a paper-based program, has now been replaced with a cloud based, smartphone inspection solution that extends all the way to the fields.   Beyond compliance improvements, the new system eliminated more than 7,000 paper forms and cut inspection cost by 80% in its first year of operation.

To find out how much your company can save in its own food safety and quality programs, contact Verispect at 949.682.7177