New solution replaces obsolete paper forms with an affordable, smart-phone inspection application that allows users to quickly create, assign, record and monitor inspection activities throughout the organization.

SANDWICH, Massachusets, December 15, 2012   Against a rising tide of new regulations and compliance risks, companies face a continuous challenge with the cost, complexity and inefficiency of paper-based inspection programs.   Verispect combines secure cloud services and smart-phone technology in a subscription-based solution suite that automates and expertly handles the entire inspection and compliance reporting process.

Verispect ComposerTM cuts the time and effort to develop new inspection routines with an online, WYSIWYG editor that supports the creation and sequencing of Smart Inspection Objects TM, including text prompts, graphics, buttons and response-based alert messages.
Verispect ManagerTM simplifies inspection program management with an online utility that allows users to assign completed inspection routines by location, employee, shift, asset, interval and incidence, among other parameters.  Verispect Manager also generates detailed, daily inspection reports to ensure continuous safety, quality and compliance.

Verispect InspectorTM streamlines data collection by delivering pre-assigned inspection routines to virtually any smart-phone, PC or tablet, including Apple, Android and Windows devices.  Once done, the browser-based, touch-screen application guides workers with simple illustrations and prompts to ensure each inspection is accurately completed.  Verispect Inspector also issues real-time, response-based alerts for management, maintenance and others.
Verispect AuditorTM satisfies complex, compliance reporting demands with an online utility that automatically records, organizes and secures inspection data by agency, regulation, quality standard and other custom parameters.  Users enter these parameters, including date range and assignment data, to quickly generate reports for on-screen display or PDF output.

The powerful suite includes access to the Verispect Solution CatalogTM, where users can purchase ready-to-run inspection routines designed to meet the unique compliance requirements of various industries and regulatory agencies, including OSHA, DOT, FDA & USDA.

“Accurate inspection and verified compliance are essential to the safe and successful operation of virtually any enterprise.  Many are left to meet this demand with useless paper forms or high cost hardware systems.  Verispect provides an affordable, cloud-based alternative that radically simplifies the design, development and implementation of enterprise inspection programs.”  Jim Fox, Chief Executive Officer, Verispect LLC.


About Verispect, LLC

Verispect is a privately-held company headquartered in Sandwich, MA with offices in the UK, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.   Formed by executives from the Food Distribution and Logistics industries, the company has a deep understanding of, and commitment to the successful implementation of enterprise safety and quality initiatives.   This focus is manifest both in Verispect solution offerings and professional services the company provides to develop custom inspection and compliance programs.