Increase the value, efficiency and accuracy of inspection data collection.

For many, inspections remain lost in a sea of useless paper forms.  Response data is frequently incomplete and is largely unusable by the people, systems and processes that depend on it.

Verispect Inspector replaces paper forms with a digital solution that allows you to inspect virtually anything from the convenience of your smartphone.

To ensure completion, pre-assigned inspections purchased from the Verispect Solution Catalog or created with Verispect Composer appear once users log-in.  To increase accuracy, each routine provides text and graphic prompts that guide the user through every step of the inspection process.  Verispect Inspector quicky captures touch-screen responses, including required text and photographic images.  Unlike paper forms, inspection data is instantly transmitted to Verispect Manager  and Verispect Auditor  for real-time activity and compliance reporting.  The solution also generates real-time alerts to handle critical response data like equipment failure and work stoppages.

To learn more about how Verispect Inspector can work to revolutionize inspection data collection, download the datasheet or call 508.450-1769 for a live demonstration and benefits analysis.

  • Works on any internet connected smartphone
  • Displays pre-assigned inspection responsibilities
  • Provides text and graphic prompts to guide inspections
  • Accepts touchscreen text and photographic input
  • Instantly transmits data for compliance reporting
  • Generates critical response-based alerts